Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dinner @ Pizzeria Bella Italia

Cream of Mushroom = RM6.80 (Good)

Gall. Veneto = RM 23.40 (Not bad either)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop = RM19.00 (Not bad)
Lagsana Alla Polo = RM 17.30 (Ok)
Alfredo = RM 17.80 (Nice at start, not so nice looking when cold)

Had dinner at Pizzaeria Bella Italia SS12, Subang. Yea, i know right, the name is so not memory friendly. Well, the ambiance in the restaurant is decent, not luxury nor poorly fitted. I think the owner tries to bring out an "italia" cosiness, but i personally do not feel it. Its a comfortable place however.

So, the food.
The Black Pepper Chicken Chop which i ordered was ok, a bit different than the rich pepper tasting black pepper i'd expected, but rather mild and smoothing black pepper gravy was used. The chicken chop was layered with thin mozzarella cheese as well, increasing it's fragrance. I would say its a good one.
The mushroom soup is good, made from own recipe based mushroom soup (i'd rather drink it at home if it's a Campbell's soup), it worth the money spent. The mushroom's fragrance and texture is just nice.

The Drinks,
My friend ordered Apple juice which turns out orange in colour and taste like orange, wonder what kind of "apple" it is.
Well, mine on the other hand was a cup of Iced Cafe Latte which I will not order again, it doesn't taste like coffee nor milk, and contains unmelted sugar at the bottom. Not to my liking.

Overall, its an ok and acceptable dining experience there.

Our new local car... Preve ??

16th of April 2012 marks the launch of the long awaited Proton Preve (Pre-vey)... Pricing starts from RM59k to RM73k. Specification wise i would say the top of the range RM73k unit is much worth the value comparing to it's lower priced range. With CVT, lightly turbo-charged Campro engine, Paddle shift, ESP, ABS, Airbags and many more, its quite a bargain for those considering a new car.

A quick glance of it in and out, i found that the seats are comfortable, dash well fitted and looks acceptable. However, the plastic trims on the door panels are rather plasticky while the back seat is quite compact i would say. Boot space may look small due to the design of boot cover, but in reality, its bigger than the Persona's. Overall at the first glance, it looks ok. Well, i would stop commenting here as it is not fair to remark on other aspects without having a test drive.

So, what say you ?

Breakfast @ Cravings Tesco Cheras.

Mushroom soup + Garlic bread + Drink = RM6.90

Nasi Lemak + Drink = RM5.50

The scenario is like this, we were on a plan to Sungai Congkak recreation forest in a morning of a public holiday. Then on the way towards our destination, a heavy rain strucked, and we ended up being best to have breakfast in Tesco Cheras (covered parking).

So... Founded Cravings Restaurant in it, near the Volkswagen showroom. Attracted by its Breakfast set and went in. Ordered two set meals for the ones breakfast not taken. The Nasi lemak i would say is just ok, as the rice is mildly fragranced and sambal's spicey-ness just nice, but it could be better in all ways. The mushroom soup however, is rather rough. The texture is rather too course to our likings, but a point to take note would be the originality of the soup as it is unlike many vendors which provides Campbell's canned mushroom soup with a tweak when they offered mushroom soup, Cravings does it their own way.

Pricing wise, it's wise.

Seafood @ Aroma ikan bakar Pantai Jeram !

Big Prawn Cili style, 3 Squids, Stingray grilled with curry and rice.

Kerang Bakar @ RM 5.00 (Grilled Clams)

Had a seafood meal in Aroma Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram, near Kuala Selangor few weeks back, seems that its quite a well known place among people there. Pricing wise, reasonable as all the seafood is amazingly fresh, but not very cheap consider the demographics at the location. Total cost for all those seafood and not to forget a side order of fried omelette and kangkung belacan style we ordered amounted to RM75.00.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dim Sum time !!!

Had a wonderful dimsum time with YY & SH last week.

Yuen's Garden was the name of the restaurant, opposite Courts Puchong.

Overall, the food is decent and considered good among many, while fairly priced. Been there once in the weekend's morning and had to queue to be seated.

Not bad at all !!! ;p

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once again... !!! ;p

Jiayou ! Jiayou ! Jiayou !!! ;p

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Wesak Day !!! ;p

I am sorry, I cant forgive you for your mistakes;
as it is your Karma you have to bear with. . .
I am sorry, No matter how hard you kneel in front of me;
it's your actions which brings into reality. . .
No sky is higher than your passion;
No sea is deeper than your determination;
It is you, my friend, you setting your own path.
The Noble Eight Fold Path, Five Precepts and many more. . .
I provide the way of life, my teachings, The Dhamma,
Leading the path to Nibanna. . .
Happy Wesak Day !!! ;p